MPLM Raffaello and Canadarm2

CSA astronaut Chris Hadfield,
on his second mission, was
on mission STS-100
during which he
installed Canadarm2
Space Station Remote Manipulator), an arm
new generation robotics . He then
became the first Canadian to
“walk in space”.

Mission STS-100 took off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida on April 19, 2001. Shuttle Endeavor carried two foreign-made elements into orbit, a new robotic arm built by Canada and the Italian logistics module Raffaello. During this mission, Canadian Space Agency astronaut Chris Hadfield installed Canadarm2 or the Space Station’s Remote Manipulator, becoming the first Canadian astronaut to go out into space. The logistics container was hooked up to the Station for the transfer of the material it contained, and then returned to the ground aboard Endeavor. The Raffaello module carried the equipment required to complete the interior design of the American laboratory. Canadarm2 will assist with most of the future assembly work.

The Canadarm2 or
Station Remote Manipulator System (SSRMS ) is
of paramount importance for the assembly
and maintenance of the largest technological project
ever undertaken: the International Space Station.
This new robot, one of the
main components of Canada’s contribution to the
International Space Station, the
Mobile Servicing System (MSS), will
maintain our reputation, ensure us
a leadership position in space robotics.
and generate economic benefits such
as the creation of hundreds of jobs
well suited to the new knowledge economy