Expedition IV, Logistics

December 5, 2001
Raffaello, Expedition 4, EVARM
Flight UF-1; STS-108

Mission STS-108 was launched from the Kennedy Space Center on December 5, 2001. Space Shuttle Discovery transports the fourth Expedition crew and the Raffaello Multipurpose Module to the International Space Station.

This flight also carries a very important Canadian experience: the EVARM experience.

The material required for the EVARM experiment will be brought to the ISS during mission STS-108, and the experiment will take place during subsequent missions.

Ontario-based Thomson Nielsen Electronics has developed small electronic devices, or badges, that will be put into spacesuits and that will record the dose of radiation that astronauts receive during an EVA (spacewalk). The data thus collected will also be analyzed according to the situation of the astronaut in relation to the Station at the time when the dose will have been measured.