Basic central structure, Mobile transporter (MT)

April 8, 2002
Central beam (ITS S0) and Mobile transporter (MT)
Flight 8A; STS-111

On April 8, 2002, the space shuttle Atlantis took off from the Kennedy Space Center to bring two new structural elements to the ISS. The Center Beam is the centerpiece of the 91-meter-long Station beam attached to the Destiny Lab. At the end of the assembly, four additional joists will be installed on each side of the S0 joist.

The Mobile Transporter will be used to move, after the delivery of the Mobile Base (MBS), Canadarm2 along the main beam of the Station.

The installation of the Central Beam and the Mobile Transporter will allow the arrival of the second section of the MSS: the Mobile Base (MBS), which will give Canadarm2 the possibility of moving more easily around the Space Station.