Expedition III, Logistics

Aug 10, 2001
Leonardo, SVLCS
Vol 7A.1; STS-105

The STS-105 mission was launched from the Kennedy Space Center on August 10, 2001. Space shuttle Discovery carried the Leonardo Multipurpose Module, loaded with research equipment and material, to the International Space Station.

This flight was also used for the second crew rotation, while Expedition Two gave way to the third team.

In addition, a new laser camera (SVLCS), designed for the Canadian Space Vision System (CSVS), was tested there. This should demonstrate its ability to accurately measure the position and attitude of objects under difficult lighting conditions, as well as the ability of the SVLCS to act as a sensor for the CSVS.

This is also the second flight for the H-Reflex experience.

The H-Reflex experiment (for Hoffman reflex) is led by Dr. Douglas Watt of McGill University. It will help us identify essential exercises for astronauts during their extended stays in space. It will also be useful for the treatment of balance problems on Earth, especially in the elderly.