The assembly of the Space Station would not be possible without Canada’s contribution, which takes the form of a complex robotics system known as the Mobile Servicing System (MSS). The MSS is made up of three main components: Canadarm2 (also known as the Space Station Remote Manipulator, or SSRMS), the Mobile Remote Maintenance Unit (MBS) Base, and the Specialized Agile Remote Manipulator (SPDM) . The Mobile Servicing System will play an essential role in the in-orbit construction of the Station as well as during the ten years of its operation.

1998November 20, 19981A / R: ProtonZarya Control Module
 December 4, 19982A; STS-88Unity module
 May 27, 19992A.1; STS-96Logistics
2000May 19, 2000Flight 2A.2; STS-101Logistics II
 July 12, 20001R; ProtonZvezda module
 September 8, 20002A.2b; STS-106Logistics III
 October 11, 20003A; STS-92External structure
 October 31, 20002R; SoyuzExpedition 1
 November 30, 2000Flight 4A; STS-97Solar panels
2001February 7, 20015A; STS-98Destiny module
 March 8, 20015A.1; STS-102MPLM Leonardo
 April 19, 20016A; STS-100MPLM Raffaello and Canadarm2
 July 12, 20017A; STS-104Exit airlock¬†(End of the initial phase)
 Aug 10, 2001Flight 7A.1; STS-105Expedition III, Logistics
 December 5, 2001UF-1; STS-108Expedition IV, Logistics
2002April 8, 20028A; STS-110Basic central structure, Mobile transporter (MT)
 June 5, 2002UF-2; STS-111MPLM Mobile Base (MBS)
 October 7, 20029A; STS-112First segment right side, CETA
 23 November 2002Flight 11A; STS-113 
2003March 1, 2003Flight ULF1; STS-114 
 May 23, 2003Flight 12A; STS-115 
 July 24, 2003Flight 12A.1; STS-116 
 October 2, 2003Flight 13A; STS-117 
 November, 2003Flight 13A.1; US Space Shuttle 
2004January, 2004Flight 15A; US Space Shuttle 
 February, 2004Flight 10A; US Space Shuttle